" I had these sounds in my head…" This is Engine, singer songwriter Cornelias first Ramjac release. Following a decade long search for a musical home one of Swedens best kept secrets has finally found what she was looking for in Ramjac. Her unique mix of singer songwriter sensibility and electronic creativity was a perfect match with the Stockholm based label whose previous releases has showcased a similar sound ideal. Born in Stockholm, Cornelia has been a fixture on the Swedish music scene for over a decade. A favorite among some of Swedens biggest and most influential artist, but with a somewhat elusive approach. On Engine, former New York art student Cornelia collaborates with some of Swedens best musicians, programmers and producers to fulfill her musical vision. Goran Kajfes, Johan Skugge and Ramjacs very own RMJC is just a few of many interesting and celebrated names to help make this groundbreaking album. Early on Cornelia had a very clear idea of what "Engine"would become.
–I had these sounds in my head. My main ambition was really just to get them out of there, says Cornelia. Cornelia worked out a method where she constructed the songs out of three principles. First a wurlitzer track. Than a layer of improvisation from different musicians, that where to be cut up and recycled. Then finally a third layer of atmospherical sounds. Everything from the Tokyo subway to sounds from outerspace can be heard on this truly remarkable album.
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