4 October 2015
Mind Controlled Music
With Mind Controlled Music, the user can make musical decisions only by thinking. A head band is reading the alpha and theta waves of the brain.Alpha waves can be detected during meditation, when relaxing -and theta waves or more dominant when focusing, involving mathematics or language.

The music is divided into 3 categories:

1. drums/percussion
2. melodies/bass
3. harmonies/chords

When the player approach a portal one of the sounds is replaced with 2 alternative ones in the same category. By relaxing or focusing the player chose the desired one.

The music library is organized so that music elements that fit with other music elements are closer together on a map. the player can navigate on this map by making different choices. The map i not a flat one but a 80-sided ball, visualized to the lower left in the user interface.

Mind Controlled Music can produce 510000 possible combinations of music so it will never sound the same twice.

The project is a part of Megamind, a new ambitious science center at Sweden’s Musuem of Science and Technology. The project have also been supported financially by Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturbryggan and Innovativ kultur.

Mind Controlled Music has been developed and composed by Håkan Lidbo, Cornelia Sojdelius and Ludvig Elbaus, animations by Dan Spegel and initial programming by Jonatan Liljedal.

This is the user interface:

This is the intro video to make it easier for the visitors to understand the project:

Mind Controlled Music on Swedish TV:

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28 December 2009    
The video to Coming home is done!
Here is the new video to Coming Home.

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14 July 2009    
Secret live-performance at Krusmyntagården
July 14 did Cornelia make a live-performance at Krusmyntagården on Gotland.
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6 June 2009    
Video for Coming Home
The making of the video for Coming Home is now in progress!
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23 April 2009
Cornelia in interview on National Radio show 'STRÖM'
The national Swedish radioshow 'STRÖM' has a theme show featuring vocal electronica.
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15 April 2009    
Documantary in the making
New project - a documantary!
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18 January 2009    
Mosebacke Sunday Chunk Live January 18
Cornelia at Mosebacke.
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19 September 2008
British reviews
Read Cornelia's reviews in British press.
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19 September 2008
Cornelia on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon
See Cornelia perform "Go Down" from her new album "ENGINE" on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon.
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12 September 2008
New album "Engine"
Cornelia's new album "Engine" is released september 24 on Ramjac.
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29 July 2006
Working on new album
I'm currently working on my new album which is scheduled for release in 2008.
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11 August 2005
New single,video and interactive consert/vernissage!
The new single "Happy On A Rainy Day" will be released on September 4th! Cornelia is also giving an interactive consert/vernissage around this time! Be on the look-out for this exciting and experimental show!
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Press 2004-1
20 June 2005
Cornelia live at Liseberg!
Cornelia performs at Musikpaviljongen, Liseberg in Gothenburg tuesday June 28th.
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29 May 2005
No Dancing Queen tested on P3 Radioshow Tracks!!
Vote for No Dancing Queen until 2 p.m. monday May 30th (local time)
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6 May 2005
New Single: No Dancing Queen
See the video (directed by Johan Brisinger) and listen to the remix by Andreas Tilliander!
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Press 2004-1
26 January 2005
Cornelia LIVE
Stacken 27/4
077 - 170 70 70
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21 January 2005
Order "No Dancing Queen" here!!
Would you like to buy the new album "No dancing queen" - click here!!
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28 November 2004
Cornelia on TV!
6/2 18.00 Cornelia sings on the show "Bingolotto" (TV4)
19/1 18.15 Cornelia with band performs 2 songs on "Go'kväll" (TV2)
3/12 19.30 Cornelia performs 1 song on "Lantz i P3" (TV2)
2/12 06.00-09.30 Cornelia sings 2 songs on "Nyhetsmorgon" (TV4)
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21 November 2004
New album "No Dancing Queen" out now!
Want to listen? Go under "Music".
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31 October 2004
New single "Teardrops" out now!
From the forthcoming album "No Dancing Queen". Do you want to listen to a clip? Click on "Music" in the menu.
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