WTFís going on?
what what
whatís going on....

you can thank me later
Iíd rather be real than sane
not lost in a game
and if weíre talking
we might as well talk about this pain
this fucking pain

what whatís going on
whatís going on
something fucked up is going on
and Iíve done nothing wrong
what whatís going on

somehow the meaning of my life
became an endless try to give you all
thatís what Iíve fallen for
Iíve got a million lights
you can turn them all off

what whatís going on
what whatís going on

too late I have to get going
canít keep on wasting my time
on trying to be fine with you
sick, hurt and longing
need something new
canít get it from you
Oh where do I find - go find
Oh Iíve got a thing for the fire - for the fire

what whatís going on
what whatís going on...

The second winning is mine
Iím weakened though Iím winning
Iím heading off / on
For a moment Iím the making model
I preside Iím on the payroll
Oh all the problems I slip right through them
everyone can fuck right off
maybe then no-one can fuck me up
oh all that vitriol

what what
whatís going on...
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